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athens taxi driverThe quality of services of Athens Airport Taxi lies mainly on the quality of the Athens taxi drivers making up our fleet.  We are proud to say that our drivers are high calibre, more than able to do the job tasked of them.

Our taxi drivers are the best because of three things: our strict screening process, our intensive training, and the professional code that we follow.

taxi Athens Taxi Drivers - Screening Process

All of our Athens taxi drivers go through an extensive screening process before they are hired to become part of our Athens taxi fleet.  We understand that the taxi drivers will be responsible for the safety and well-being of our clients while they are aboard our cabs.  It is important that the taxi driver sitting behind the wheel of the cab is more than able to care for the client as he drives them from Athens Airport to the client’s destination.

To be able to provide this level of service to our clients, we make sure that our taxi drivers are capable of giving it.  All our drivers go through a rigorous testing and interview process.  They are also required to undergo medical examinations, psychiatric testing and drug testing.

We only select taxi drivers with whom our clients will feel safe.

taxi Athens Taxi Drivers - Intensive Training

It is imperative that our Athens taxi drivers know not just how to drive but how to drive properly.  Displaying the proper way of driving through any street in Athens is a display of how responsible they are when it comes to caring for the well-being of the clients riding the Athens taxis.

The proper way of driving involves knowing the traffic laws and the rules of the road. Training in safety is also a must.  The people that pass our extensive screening process are made to go through an extensive training that basically teaches them how to drive safely and according to the traffic laws in Greece as they take our clients from the Athens Airport to any point in Athens or other towns in Greece.

taxi Athens Taxi Drivers - Professional Code

Beyond the way we screen our Athens taxi drivers and beyond the way we train them, there is our professional code.  We make sure that our taxi drivers know our professional code at heart and practise it whenever they drive our clients from Athens Airport to their final destination.

Our professional code is simple: Our clients always come first.  Their needs are important to us, and these needs come first.  It is essential that our taxi drivers live by this principle whenever they are on the job.

As thus, our Athens taxi drivers are guaranteed to assist the customer whenever they can.  This goes beyond helping the clients carry their luggage to the taxi.  If the customers have questions about Athens or Greece, they can freely ask our taxi drivers, among other things.  Our taxi drivers can also be expected to act with respect and courtesy towards our clients at all times.

The taxi drivers of Athens Airport Transfers are the best simply because they are made to be the best.  A client can rest easily with our taxi drivers behind the wheel of the cab.