October 20, 2020


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3 Tips for a Successful Group Getaway

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Planning an outing for a large group requires organization and foresight to make the event...

Planning an outing for a large group requires organization and foresight to make the event a memorable one for all the right reasons. Here are three tips for a successful group getaway.

Make Transportation Easy

Trying to coordinate carpools can be a big headache. Likewise, expecting individuals to arrange for their own transportation to the destination is inefficient. Make everyone’s life easy and hire a charter bus Virginia. The group can travel together in comfort and arrive safely and on time. This reduces the stress involved in arranging transportation for you and for everyone else on the trip.

Offer Multiple Activity Options

The larger the group, the more beneficial it is to offer multiple activity options. It can be challenging to find venues that will accommodate large groups. Trying to organize dinner plans? Look for one venue that offers the possibility for the entire group to get together at one time. Otherwise, suggest several restaurant choices where smaller groups can dine together. If sightseeing is on the agenda, arrange for tours to multiple locations and give group members the ability to sign up for the ones that are of particular interest.

Allow for Down Time

Planning every minute of every day for group activity is sure to create tension and cause conflict. An important element of group etiquette calls for giving people their personal space. Be sure to include down time in the itinerary. This will give individuals an opportunity to rest, if they need it, or to go see a sight on their list that isn’t part of the scheduled events. The time apart will make the time together even more memorable.

A group getaway can be an exciting adventure, whether it is a family outing or a friends’ vacation escape. For a positive group experience, take care of the potential pitfalls ahead of time by making arrangements for transportation, offering a range of activity choices and building in personal space.

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