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5 Differences Between the North and South Germany You Need to Know Before Planning a Trip

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When planning for a trip to Germany you ought to know all the locations you’re going to visit. 

There are some notable differences between southern and northern Germany. 

Some of the towns and cities in the North part of Germany include Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Dresden, and Leipzig.

The major cities and towns in the Southern part of Germany include Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Augsburg. 

When differences between the two regions in Berlin, I shall use the following as our pointers;

  1. Cost

The most important part of planning a trip is the cost. Different locations have different prices. 

You don’t need to be told that traveling to Dubai is way more expensive than traveling to Bali even though they are both great vacation spots. 

The same will apply to Germany. 

The southern part of Germany is in my opinion very costly can the northern part of Germany.

Despite Berlin being the capital city of Germany, the cost of a vacation trip to Berlin is way cheaper than traveling down to Munich. 

However, the true cost of a vacation trip will depend on you and how much you’re willing to spend. You can budget to fit a vacation down South and at the same time, you can make an expensive budget to the North. 

The cost of living is calculated by accommodation and food costs rather than the cost of physical shopping because they tend to be the same throughout Germany.

Shopping is even easier when done online at some of Germany’s online stores like the Urban Street Shop

However, it is always important to first read reviews at De.collected reviews before making any online purchase during your trip if it is your first time shopping. 

  1. Food 

Food is a very important aspect of traveling. You want to try out as many dishes as you can while in Germany. 

There is not so much difference in terms of the food eaten in Northern and Southern Germany.

Food like Rouladen, Einhopf, and Sauerbraten are prepared all across Germany. 

However, some of these foods are popular in one part of the country than it is on the other side. 

For example, in southern Germany, the Bavarian Weißwurst, Leberkäse, Bretzel, Spätzle, and Weißbier (Wheat beer). 

The cuisine in the northern part of Germany is mainly associated with fish. The Birnen, Bohnen und Speck is also quite common which is a combination of Pears, beans, and bacon. 

The Berliner Weisse beer is also affiliated with the northern side of Germany. 

  1. Activities 

Another thing to consider before deciding to travel ticket to the north of Germany or the south of Germany is the type of activities to engage in. 

I view the southern part of Germany as having more activities than the northern side. 

Some activities in Southern Germany are;

  • Attending the Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Tour the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart. 
  • Go on a stroll in the fairytale town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 
  1. Tourism destination

I’m planning a trip to Germany what first comes to mind is the destinations you’re going to visit. 

The southern part of Germany has a lot to offer in terms of tourism destinations. 

To mention a few;

  • Bavarian Alps
  • Black Forest
  • Franconian Switzerland
  • Lake Constance

The northern part of Germany is ideal for someone looking to go for a vacation near the beach. 

There are many industries and companies in the northern part of Germany. 

Apart from the manufacturing industry in the north of Germany, there are some historic landmarks you must check out. 

These are; 

  • The Rostock zoo and beach.
  • Hike at the Harz Mountains
  • A getaway in the Heligoland Island 
  • Relax at the Sylt island of the Rugen island.
  • Visit the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg.  
  1. Weather 

When planning any type of trip you must consider the weather.

The influence of the Atlantic ocean in the northern part of Germany has brought in quite a difference between the weather of the two regions.

Southern Germany is more of a high altitude area and the climate is there two new devices from the North which exhibit in lower sea level.

The Southside of Germany is colder well the northside of Germany tends to fluctuate. It may get warmer, colder, and rainy. 

Winter in Southern Germany is normally way colder than winter experienced in the north of Germany. 

Finally, The best time to visit any of these regions in Berlin will depend on you and the type of activities you want to do. 

The month of February is very good for winter activities like skiing while September to October is ideal for summer vacation.

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