When it comes to starting a family, the majority of mothers believe that traveling with their youngster on a plane is far too much of a stressful experience to undertake and they simply don’t take family vacations.

And while there are certainly many humorous examples of this in the range of National Lampoon movies, the reality of the situation is very different. You just need to know a few tips and tricks, like the ones below.

Pack in Advance. Well in Advance.

The week before you leave, make a small list of the items you use each day with your toddler. Armed with this list, practice-pack your child’s bag a few nights before and run through a range of situations in your mind regarding what could happen and think about which items you can use from what you have packed.

Once you have everything packed, make sure your list is complete and use it to give your bag a last-minute check as you all exit the house.

Dress Comfortably

The worst thing that you can do with your youngster is to dress them up in uncomfortable clothing as they travel. While there was once a time where people dressed up to fly, those days are well behind us with the majority of airlines allowing you to board in just your pajamas.

Look for your child’s most comfortable clothes and stick with them! Even if this means taking them out of bed and carrying them through the airport while they are still in their Snuggy, if it keeps them calm (and asleep), then do it.

During the Flight

Once you are on the plane, of course, is when the trouble can start. Avoid this by keeping your toddler entertained with a range of items, including:

If you choose to give your child music or movies to entertain them, be sure that the media will work without an internet connection. Too many parents take this tip forgetting that many of the apps they enjoy are streaming based and won’t work without a wi-fi connection.

Prepare Them

Many parents simply take their children on a plane without first explaining to their child what is happening. Be sure to involve your child in the planning and booking process and encourage them to become excited about the entire experience. If they are thinking positive about their destination then they are far more likely to sit still during a flight in anticipation.

While they are on the plane, be sure to talk excitedly about what is to come and perhaps even encourage them to take a nap on the plane to dream about all of the exciting adventures they will have once you all reach your destination.

Just because you have a youngster doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t enjoy a family vacation, it just takes a little more planning and the tips above.

Flying With a Toddler? Here Are Tips to Make the Flight Smooth and Stress-Free