Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, Versailles castle, France is definitely home to wonderful and well-known monuments. But why not get off the beaten tracks and opt for an original trip? This beautiful country is also rich with unsuspected places. Discover here the most exceptional sites to visit and the most surprising activities to practice during your French holidays.

Visit the Worlds’ Best Wine Producing Region by Taxi

Bordeaux and its surroundings are known for their large and beautiful vineyards. So, there are millions of tourists who go there every year to taste le most delicious and prestigious Grands Crus. But you can make your journey in the region unique by exploring it in a cab, and not just any cab. We are talking about an English taxi, an elegant right-hand drive black vehicle that you will have at your disposal all along the journey. For this purpose, you can choose the ideal cab for your wine tour in France, particularly in Bordeaux, on https://www.wine-cab.com.

The Sewers of Paris

Disgusting, do you think? Not that much! The Sewers of Paris, which measures about 2,600km long, are the largest and most modern sewers in the world. This labyrinth is used to collect and evacuate the water coming mainly from the rains as well as sewage from the city of Paris. The entrance depends on the Museum of Sewers of Paris but the visit of the museum alone is not necessarily worth the detour if you do not also go through the sewers. You will learn in a very educational way the creation, the operation and the utility of this underground network.

Montpellier Anatomy Museum and Atger Museum

Many people nickname the Anatomy Museum of Montpellier as “The Museum of Horrors”. Get prepare to find there misshapen skulls, hearts, livers, lungs, and bizarre sexual organs. All of these are authentic specimens that have being preserved for centuries to help study anatomy. Do not miss to pass in front of the two-headed fetus in a glass jar. This is a weird and unusual museum that is considered as one of the best of its category in the world.

While in Montpellier, you will also discover the Atger Museum where you will find medical collections including drawings and prints. Right next to the Museum of Anatomy and Saint Pierre Cathedral, the venerable Faculty of Medicine, a former Benedictine monastery, is home to this museum which is the oldest one in the city. The site has a superb collection of drawings from French, Dutch, German, Italian and Flemish schools, with works by Rubens, Tiepolo, Carrache and Fragonard. To see some drawings, stored in sliding cabinets, you will have to go through a dusty library with a cracking floor.

Top 5 Original Activities to Do in France