January 17, 2022


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Ways in which tourists visiting India can understand Hindi better

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India is a land which takes pride and joy in its culture. It has a very diverse culture and lifestyle across the country, and things that people follow in the North might not be the same in the South. Different states have different rules and lifestyle habits. When it comes to speaking Hindi, it is true that not the entire country speaks in Hindi.

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When a tourist takes the effort of learning Hindi and speaking to Indians in their mother tongue, it shows that they are taking an interest in learning their culture and understanding their lifestyle. Locals will be ready to help them and make sure that they have a relaxed and comfortable vacation. The question is what are the ways in which a tourist visiting India can understand Hindi better? Mentioned below are a few ideas that can help them learn and improve their Hindi:

Using a Hindi to English dictionary

If you are looking to plan a trip to India, then this should be the first thing you should pack in your bag. A bilingual dictionary can be your best friend in the entire trip. It will help you at times when you are fumbling to find the correct word to share your ideas and thoughts. Not only this, you will come across a lot of people on your trip and encounter different words all the time. Whenever you hear a new word, you can use the dictionary to find its exact meaning. You will also see several Hindi to english dictionary free online that can help you with pronunciations, sentence framing, etc.

Take part in training programs

Intensive language programs in India can be the best choice for improving and understanding Hindi. There is no compulsion of having earlier experience in the language; people with no early experience can also take part in these programs. They are a great way to enhance your skill and teach you new techniques that you can learn and apply in your daily life. Practical application of these skills to your daily routine can help in making your Hindi stronger. Till the time you learn fluent Hindi you always have the option of communicating in English. Start with talking to your neighbors or while ordering food; it will help boost your confidence.

The streets of India

Now, this is the most exciting technique for learning Hindi. What better than learning Hindi from none but the people of India? People in India are quite friendly and welcoming. Once you gain their trust that you are genuinely interested in understanding their culture, language, tradition, and lifestyle, they will not take a step back in helping you. It is a fun and lively experience to explore the country and understand and take in all its beauty at the same time. Do not hesitate in asking questions to your local guide or cab drivers if you do not follow a particular thing.

There are parts in India where Hindi is still used as the first language; a lot of other cities follow their mother-tongue. Hindi is majorly spoken in states like Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and others. People residing in Gujarat, West Bengal, Orissa, and Punjab might not even know much of Hindi as they rely heavily on their native language. But this does not mean that they cannot talk and understand Hindi. A tourist visiting India can find a lot of people who understand and communicate in English so till the time you are not comfortable with Hindi, you have the option to choose and communicate in English.

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