May 19, 2022


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World’s oldest zoo panda turns 35

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Hong Kong (CNN) — Hong Kong Ocean Park’s resident panda An An has just turned 35, producing him the longest living male large panda less than human treatment in history. In panda yrs, that would make An An an spectacular 105 yrs aged.

In accordance to Ocean Park, huge pandas in the wild typically are living about 20 yrs on regular, even though lifespans of those people beneath human care can arrive at 30 decades.

To rejoice, the concept park threw the furry birthday boy a glorious birthday feast with a Haagen-Dazs cake.

An An was witnessed snacking on icy treats to amazing him down in the summer warmth. He was offered his preferred treats, bamboo shoots and fruits.

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An An will get trapped into his birthday feast.

Ocean Park

The Chinese people for “An An” are 安安, which signifies “peace.”

Born in the wild of Sichuan, China, An An was element of a pair of pandas that was gifted to the Hong Kong governing administration by China in 1999. His mate, Jia Jia, died in 2016, at the age of 38. At the time, she was the world’s oldest known living large panda.

The rescued big panda has been below Ocean Park’s treatment for 22 years.

In accordance to the Environment Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s 2014 census, there are about 1,864 large pandas alive in the wild.

Sichuan province — whose cash is Chengdu — has turned its cuddly inhabitants into component of a tourism id.

But the superior news is in the very last 10 years, the variety of giant pandas in the wild has risen by 17%.

This encouraging knowledge prompted the change of its classification from “endangered” to “vulnerable” as an update from the International Union for Conservation of Character.

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